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electronic arts

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    Simulation Theme Hospital 1

    You are a medical and management expert, and have been hired to develop a new hospital. Your goal is to run a tight operation, cure as many patients as possible, and, naturally, maximize profits. To do so, you'll have to decide how to layout your hospital in order to create the most efficient...
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    RPG Wasteland 1

    By 1998, distrust between the United States on one side, and the Soviet Union on the other side grew to an all-time high. The US had recently launched a space station called "Citadel Starstation", which the Soviets claimed was nothing but a military base in space. A number of neutral countries...
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    Simulation Abrams Battle Tank 1

    The cream of the crop in the armoured arsenal of the army. Equipped with Sabot (anti-tank), HEAT( anti-material, or building), and AX (anti-helicopter) rounds, a .50 calibre machine gun, as well as smoke grenades to cloak yourself in the battle field. You will have to run a number of missions...
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    Action Desert Strike: Return To The Gulf 1

    General Kibaba, a madman, grabs control in the Middle East. The president of the United States handpicks you to fly your Apache there, and help reduce the threat. You start off by picking your co-pilot. Depending on your choice, shooting or picking up POWs. Once you're ready, you fly off a...
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    Sports Caveman Ugh-Lympics 1

    In the dawn of time, primitive cavemen roamed the earth along with some pretty gnarly creatures. Not that cavemen weren't pretty gnarly themselves. They weren't real smart - they were actually pretty stupid. They had no sense of fashion, mostly because there were no malls to shop at. And they...
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    Simulation 688 Attack Sub 1

    You are captain of the very first nuclear powered submarine of the US Los Angeles-class (or, if you prefer, you can also command a USSR Alpha class nuclear attack submarine). The American submarine is more modern, and equipped with more different weapons. The soviet submarine overall is able to...
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    Strategy Centurion: Defender of Rome 1

    In 275 B.C. the Roman Republic is established. A refreshing breath from constant rivalry and fighting between the numerous kingdoms and cities. You are a young centurion with aspirations to become Caesar. Starting off with a single Legion under your control, your job is to reunite the entirety...
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    Sports Ski or Die 1

    The game offers a total of 5 different mini-games for you to compete in: * Snowball blast - A snowball fight where you have to defend your fort from getting snowed under. * Downhill Blitz - Skate downhill as fast as you can, and perform tricks, if you can. * Aero Arials - Jump from a ramp and...
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    Sports Budokan: The Martial Spirit 1

    In Budokan, you start off as a martial arts apprentice. You enroll in the Tobiko-Ryo dojo, where you can practise in 4 different disciplines: * Kendo * Karate * Bo * Nunchaku Each discipline involves learning dozens of moves, and practising until you master them. When you feel ready, you can...