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    Adventure Star Trek: 25th Anniversary 1

    Have you ever wanted to command a starship capable of interplanetary travels, visit alien worlds, and secure the future of mankind in space? You're in luck, as you take on the role of Captain James T. Kirk, commander of the USS Enterprise. You will have to complete a number of missions in order...
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    Adventure Rise of the Dragon 1

    The year is 2053. You are William "Blade" Hunter, a retired police officer now working as a Private Investigator. The major hies you to investigate the gruesome drug-induced death of his daughter. As you discover clues on her death, and trace your wsay back to her supplier, you uncover a plot...
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    Adventure Space Quest IV: Roger Wilco And The Time Rippers 1

    The story starts right after Space Quest 3 finishes. Roger is about to be arrested by the Time Police, but a time traveler from the future (who later turns out to be Roger's son) helps him escape by opening up a time rip that sends Roger to the future of Space Quest 12 - Vohaul's Revenge II...
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    Platform Alien Rampage 1

    You are Krupok, which means "The one who rampages". You are an alien hired gun, and your ship was just shot down. You manage to land it near a jungle, but the ship will need repairs before you can continue your travels. The beings responsible for the attack on your ship are Untharian...
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    Adventure Space Quest III: The Pirates Of Pestulon 1

    Following the adventures of Roger in Space Quest 2, Roger's ship is floating through space, with him cryogenically frozen in a sleeping pod. The ship if picked up by a robot ship that salvages space junk. You will have to help Roger escape on a ship called the Aluminum Mallard (a clear wink at...