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Desert Strike: Return To The Gulf

Action Desert Strike: Return To The Gulf 1

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Electronic Arts, Gremlin Interactive
Electronic Arts
General Kibaba, a madman, grabs control in the Middle East. The president of the United States handpicks you to fly your Apache there, and help reduce the threat.

You start off by picking your co-pilot. Depending on your choice, shooting or picking up POWs. Once you're ready, you fly off a frigate and kick some ass. The purpose of your missions will differ, ranging from blowing up radars, picking up POWs, destroying chemical weapon plants, or rescuing VIPs.

You control the chopper using the arrow keys, and you control your weapons with Z (Hellfire - A guided missle), X (Hydra - Unguided rockets) or C (machine gun). Using F1, you can pull up the map, and see your missin objectives, as well as the location of other helpful things like fuel, ammo, or armour plating.

When you finish a campaign, you receive a password, and can use those to skip to where you got to.

If you press ESC while playing a mission, you can type "WATERFALL" to enable god-mode.
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