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Heart Of China

Adventure Heart Of China 1

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Sierra On-Line
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You are Jake 'Lucky' Masters, a former navy pilot now making a living flying tourists around China. You are more or less forced to take on an assignment from the rich businessman E.A. Lomax, whose daughter was kdnapped by the evil warlord Li Deng.

Lomax bought up your struggling business and burnt down your boat, and threatens to call in your debts unless you rescue his daughter. You are to recruit the help of a mysterious ninja Zhao Chi, and rescue Kate from Deng's castle. Can you complete the task in time, and along the way woo the beautiful daughter?

Lucky seems to be modelled after Indiana Jones with the game even referencing the "Snakes, why did it have to be snakes?" line from Raiders Of The Lost Ark.

The game features "photo-realistic" graphics, which were quite groundbreaking at the time. It also allows for multiple paths to finish the game, each of them leading to a slightly different ending. Additionally, characters will behave differently based on how you treat them throughout your encounters with them, so beware that your actions can and will have consequences! Lastly, you will be able to switch between different characters in order to complete certain puzzles or to engage spoecific people according to your skills and personality.

Just like in Rise of the Dragon, built in the same engine, you navigate around the world using your cusror, which will change depending on different people, objects, or locations you can go to. And, like RotD, the game features Arcade scenes in-between the adventure puzzles. Luckily, they can be skipped, as they are lengthy, and if you do not succesfully pass them in one go, you will have to start over from scratch.
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