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Spellcasting 301: Spring Break

Adventure Spellcasting 301: Spring Break 1

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Legend Entetainment
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Following the adventures of Spellcasting 201, Ernie and his fraternity Hu Delta Phart take a break from studying, and spend their spring break in the town of Fort Naughtytail, legendary for it's wild parties. As designated Carpet master, Ernie is responsible for getting the boys there on their rented magic carpet. Along the way, though, he is forced to ditch their excess baggage due to heavy turbulence, and so the party arrives pretty much empty-handed.

As soon as they hit the beach, they are confronted by the studs of Getta Lodda Yu from a rival university. Neither of the fraternity's is willing to leave, so an impartial judge decides to host a series of contests. The scrawny HDP boys would normally be completely outclassed by their peers, but maybe with the help of some magic, Ernie can help sway the odds in their favour?

Be sure to sleep in the Hotel every night, or you risk half your gold going missing by the time you wake up. Also make sure you note when and where every contest takes place, and be there on time in order to win them!
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