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Abrams Battle Tank

Simulation Abrams Battle Tank 1

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Electronic Arts
HAS WORLD WAR III finally happened? You are assigned to help stop the advance
of Soviet troops into West Germany. Victory hinges on the performance of the
personnel and support forces behind the primary weapons system in non-nuclear,
mechanized warfare: the Main Battle Tank.

The upgraded Main Battle Tank recently fielded by the United States is
respected by allies and feared by enemies as the most formidable on-land
weapons system in the United States/NATO arsenal. Its state-of-the-art
battlefield technology includes thermal imaging night sight capability and an
on-board ballistic computer. Powered by a 1,500 horsepower gas turbine engine,
and armed with a 120mm cannon for true fire-on-the-move capability, it is 63
tons of destructive power.

This is the M1A1 Abrams Main Battle Tank, and you are in total command. Stay
on your feet, keep alert and don't stop to sight see. Each mission that you
undertake brings the Allies one step closer to victory. Or defeat.
The cream of the crop in the armoured arsenal of the army. Equipped with Sabot (anti-tank), HEAT( anti-material, or building), and AX (anti-helicopter) rounds, a .50 calibre machine gun, as well as smoke grenades to cloak yourself in the battle field.

You will have to run a number of missions in Soviet-controlled territory, swarming with enemies. Your missions will range from killing all enemies in the immediate area, or escorting convoys. You will encounter a multitude of enemies, ranging from other tanks, armoured vehicles, as well as infantry with anti-tank weapons.

Once your mission is on the way, you can take the seat of either the gunner (F1), the commander (F2 or F3 for a view from the top of the turret), or the Driver's seat (F4).

While on the Gunner seat, "Enter" will select a target, and in the HUD you can identify the vehicle. Using "L", you can lock on the target, meaning you will actively track it. "T" allows you to toggle Thermal Imaging on or off. Using "Z", you can zoom in or out.

As the commander, you can use "F8" to movbe the turret 90 degrees clock-wise, or "F9" for 180 degrees. "F10" turns 270 degrees, and "F7" re-aligns it with the mnain body of the tank.

Using "C" you can switch between tank or turret mode, (which will allow you to scan the surroundings, without moving the direction of the tank itself). "Up" and "Down" will raise or lower the cannon. Using "A", you can re-center it.

At times you will hear a Morse signal. When that happens, press "R" to listen to the update.
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