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You are a medical and management expert, and have been hired to develop a new hospital. Your goal is to run a tight operation, cure as many patients as possible, and, naturally, maximize profits.

To do so, you'll have to decide how to layout your hospital in order to create the most efficient way to welcome, diagnose, treat, and then send patients on their way. You'll also have to hire maintenance staff, and ensure that both your patients and staff are comfortable. Once you satisfy all success criteria (typically requiring you to have a certain amount of cash on hand, cured a certain amount of patients, and have a hospital worth of a certain value), you'll be invited to manage a bigger and more challenging hospital, which of course, comes with a higher paycheck.

The early levels of the game are easy enough, and your options of diagnosis and treatment facilities are fairly limited. However, the amount of different diseases you encounter increase, and this means you will have to squeeze additional diagnosis and treatment facilities into your limited space.

Additionally, you'll be challenged by emergencies, where you have to try and treat as many people with a specific condition within a certain time frame, as well as epidemics and even natural disasters like earthquakes, which will damage your equipment.

There is also a multi-player option, allowing you to challenge up to 3 friends (and possibly sabotage their hospitals).


Whenever a fax comes in, you can use the numeric keypad on the fax and dial: 24328, followed by pressing the green button. This will result in a telephone ringing, and you then have the following options to cheat:

SHIFT + C will increase your cash on hand with $10,000
CTRL + SHIFT + C will lead to you completing research for any possible room, treatment and clinic
CTRL + M fast-forwards to the end of the month
CTRL + Y fast forwards to the end of the year

If you instead use the number 7287 and press the green button, you will unlock the secret rat level.
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